Gas Powered Remote Control Cars

There are 3 main categories of Radio Control (RC) cars. There are electric cars, nitro or fuel cars as well as gas powered cars. Gas powered RC cars have a top speed of approximately 50 to 60 mph. 

All RC cars come in various scales. For example, 1/8 means that the car is one-eighth of the original size. Generally, the bigger the car, the more powerful it is. 1/10th gas touring cars have speed of up to 50mph.

There are certain factors you may wish to consider when you purchase RC cars. Firstly, the size of car for beginners is 1/10th scale.  These cars generally run on electricity and have speed of about 25mph. 1/8th cars have higher speed of 50mph and are generally not suited for beginners.

The type of car needs to be considered. Is it a 2 Wheel Drive or a 4 Wheel Drive? A 4 Wheel Drive has no idle wheel and all wheels are powered by the engine. Is it a Ready To Run (RTR) Car or a kit car that needs assembling? Is it for a child who is just a beginner or is it for competitive purposes? Such factors need to considered before a purchase.  

The price of Gas Powered RC cars  can range  between  $900 - $4000 . Others with modifications will be priced even more heavily. Although the price of nitro cars are cheaper, they will incur higher cost in the long run due to the exorbitant price of nitro fuel (a mix of nitromethane , methanol and oil). On the other hand,  gas powered engines will be cheaper in the long run since the cost of their fuel is not that expensive.

The characteristics of gas powered cars can also be compared with that of electric cars. The track performance of gas powered cars are similar to those of electric cars. However, gas powered car have difficulty negotiating turns. This is because gas powered cars need time for fuel to be pumped into their engine. On the other hand, electric powered cars get their current instantaneously. Thus, there is no time delay in turning the vehicle.

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